Sweets for My Sweets. Julie and Michael’s Wedding.

To avoid redundancy in this post, I will refrain from mentioning how romantic and beautiful Julie and Michael’s wedding day was. You can decide for yourself as you look through these photos. I will mention however, that you have until the end of February to snap up a stellar deal with the “Sweets for My Sweets” special. This annual event will give you a generous 20% discount off any of your bookings with Aaron McGregor Photography. If you are not getting married or you don’t want a portrait of yourself, maybe you know someone that does. So please, do them a favor and share! Additionally, your pet doesn’t need a tan to look gorgeous! Contact me for more details at amcgregorphoto@gmail.com.


AMC_9390 AMC_9444 AMC_9505 AMC_9620  AMC_9719AMC_9681AMC_9735Julie and Michael's Wedding AMC_9763 AMC_9807 AMC_9815AMC_0388 AMC_0397 AMC_0421 AMC_0494 AMC_0509 AMC_0515 AMC_0519 AMC_0599 AMC_0619 AMC_0652 AMC_0720 AMC_0759 AMC_0772 AMC_0841 AMC_0863 AMC_1279

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