Attaleigh and Brandon’s Wedding Celebration

Attaleigh and Brandon’s wedding took place last July on the North Side of Pittsburgh. The awesome couple surrounded themselves by an energetic bridal party. One of my favorite images from this wedding is a photo taken from inside the limo. Brandon was concerned that the limo driver was going to miss the exit to the chapel. Fortunately, everyone arrived safely and on time! Please visit my website at for more images of beautiful people!

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Hanna and David’s May Wedding

As we anticipate the arrival of Spring to finally set upon us, I hope you can feel the warmth of Hanna and David’s wedding that took place last May. We were fortunate to capture a few memories from the vistas of Mt. Washington in between the ceremony and reception. We are also looking forward to the best man’s wedding this August, but you may have to wait a year before you get to see that beautiful wedding! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this gorgeous couple!


Chelsea and Nathan at Hidden Valley

Free-spirited and avid snowboarders, Chelsea and Nathan jumped into marital bliss at Hidden Valley Resort. This tranquil skiing mecca is nestled in the Laurel Highlands and is the perfect setting for a weekend get-away and wedding. This May afternoon embraced the couple in glistening sun and sweeping gentle breezes. It was so idyllic that even the dragonflies were meditative.