Celebrating 15 Years in Norwin!

In 1995, I was fresh out of college with a BFA from the University of Arizona’s photography program. We settled in the Norwin area in 2000 after my wife, Heather (N.H.S. Grad of 1991) and I got married. Imagine my surprise and astonishment when it took me 14 years to book my first NHT wedding! I once photographed a wedding at the Immaculate Conception Church and several receptions at Stratigos, the Barn and Pluma, but I never had a wedding client that lived in NHT. Over the course of 14 years, I captured tons of weddings in Armstrong County where I was raised and in every direction from NHT. Gabby asked on Facebook, as everyone does on All About the Norwin Area, about a wedding photographer. A few people recommended me along with a list of 50 others (I am sure you have seen those non-stop referral comment lists – overwhelming to be sure). She and Matt had a lovely ceremony at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Jeannette. We stopped at White Oak Park for a few quick formals and continued onto Stratigos for a wonderful reception. My business partner, Chris and I even stayed an additional hour without charging the couple since that hour was usually travel time. Please contact me and ask about my 20th Anniversary Specials at Aaron McGregor Photography. Thank you!


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Capturing Confident Senior Portraits

You may think that Spring is a strange time of year to get your senior portrait taken but I think it is one of the best times. Traditionally, a senior will have their portrait taken at the beginning of their senior year or before it even begins. At that time, they are aware of the big transition that is upon them and may have an “idea” of where they will be in a year but they probably are not certain of their future after high school. Take this portrait at the beginning of their senior year and you may get a portrait of a lost soul with a fake smile and uncertainty in their eyes. Don’t get me wrong, a great photographer should be personable enough to make the student comfortable and bring out their dynamic personalities. On the other hand, when spring arrives chances are good that the uncertainty is all but vanished. Look at Jenna in these images and you can see passion, a spark of energy, her acceptance to move on to the next big adventure and an eagerness to embrace and tackle the world. My session fee is $135.00 and typically last an hour with unlimited change of clothes. With this fee, you get secured, online proofing, two mini albums to commemorate the occasion and an 8×10 enlargement. Please ask me about burning a DVD with print release and social media friendly files. If you are looking for more, please contact me because I am confident that I can deliver it! Best of luck to Jenna! Check out more portraits at my website!

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