Out of the Blue

On occasion,  I will get a request through a Google key word search. Bob Wise from African Plains Taxidermy contacted me to photograph a blue wolf he mounted for the cover of a catalog. I was excited for this challenge since it is something that I typically don’t do. I am constantly looking for ways that take me out of my comfort zone of photographing people. This is another collaboration with Chris Lane as he helped me set up the shot to reflect the lighting conditions that existed in the original mountainous landscape. A little soft golden gel to mimic the evening sun and the camera angle made the wolf appear dominate. Post production wasn’t as easy as the photo shoot but I think the final catalog image looks pretty cool. African Plains Taxidermy is based in Hermnie, PA. Please check out my website to see more of my commercial work. Aaron McGregor Photography

MagCoverWeb47Skookum Volcano with fall colors under blue sky, Nabesna Road, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve, Southcentral Alaska31

Wedding at Foggy Mt. Lodge

I captured Elizabeth & Ben slow dancing as we celebrated another wedding but this day, was their celebration day. I am honored to be referred to as a trustworthy & creative photographer. I photographed Elizabeth’s sister, Sarah and two of her cousins, Marie & Catherine (digging deep in the blog archives here). The day was absolutely beautiful and complete with three sprinkles of rain before Dad walked her down the aisle. Hope you enjoy this wedding from the Foggy Mountain Lodge in Stahlstown! Wanting more? Check out my website! Aaron McGregor Photography


No Matter How Small, It’s a Big Day

So we pick up where we left off in 2018 as intimacy rings true. Amanda & Eric exchanged rings at the Westmoreland County Courthouse. The guest list included the couple’s immediate family bringing the total count to about 12. This was a special moment when they needed a photographer for just a couple of hours. I was thrilled that they hired me to capture their Love Story in April 2019. Every Big Day, no matter how small, is a Big Day. Aaron McGregor Photography Wedding Bliss