Sweets for My Sweets. Julie and Michael’s Wedding.

To avoid redundancy in this post, I will refrain from mentioning how romantic and beautiful Julie and Michael’s wedding day was. You can decide for yourself as you look through these photos. I will mention however, that you have until the end of February to snap up a stellar deal with the “Sweets for My Sweets” special. This annual event will give you a generous 20% discount off any of your bookings with Aaron McGregor Photography. If you are not getting married or you don’t want a portrait of yourself, maybe you know someone that does. So please, do them a favor and share! Additionally, your pet doesn’t need a tan to look gorgeous! Contact me for more details at amcgregorphoto@gmail.com.


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Maria and Nick’s Wedding in Latrobe, PA

August 24th may seem like a long time ago, but honeymoons should last an eternity! That is precisely the feeling I got from Maria and Nick as they celebrated their wedding day. This adorable couple was married in Latrobe, PA, and had their reception at DiSalvo’s Station Restaurant. After the ceremony, we stopped by the cigar bar at the restaurant for some formals and grabbed some more portraits at the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve. You have to admire Maria and Nick for their impeccable planning as Chris and I were delighted by the romantic locations the couple chose for their formals. In addition to the locations, the wedding party was gorgeous and exited to celebrate the couple’s wedding day. We all had a blast celebrating life!

Chris and I have been collaborating together for over six years, and we thrive off of one another to get beautiful images. Some photographers have a difficult time working together and promoting each other’s talents, but Chris Lane is a truly talented guy that goes above and beyond to please his clients. If you are left with feeling of wanting to see more beautiful people, please visit his website at http://chrislanestudios.com. Please feel free to check out my website as well at http://amcgregorphotography.com.

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