A Pittsburgh Wedding with a Wedding Contest for You!

When we arrived at the bride’s home, we were greeted by a Labrador Retriever and a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. At that point, I knew it was going to be a GREAT day! Lauren and Brandon celebrated their day and had their “first look” under electric blue skies. Among the rest of the highlights, you will discover elegant invitations, an awesome cake topper and a celebrity appearance! Since I had a wonderful time with the last contest, I decided to run another one that favors all those romantic couples among us! “Name the Make of that Convertible” to be entered into a drawing to win $150 off your wedding photography package. It is peak time for booking 2016 weddings. So if you are related to or know of anyone or if you are getting married, it would be just crazy not to take a guess. Check out what is offered in my wedding packages at this link http://www.amcgregorphotography.com/prices

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Destination Wedding: Pittsburgh!!!

I may be biased, but I think Pittsburgh, PA is one of the best places for a destination wedding! We have several beautiful beaches, glistening water, sunny days, grand city vistas, ample lodging, great restaurants, wonderful cultural performances, excellent museums, the best medical facilities along with a hoppin’ night scene with deep historic ties. Maria and Amin met in college here and decided that the Sheraton Station Square was going to be the place to have everything. Their guests could stay at the hotel, witness their marriage in the courtyard with city-line views, celebrate at the reception and then take the elevator up to their rooms. Everyone would have enough energy to take in the cultural experiences of this former steel town that is gracefully dancing through a renaissance. You got to admit, if your from this area you a very proud to call this place “home”. And you probably questioned the “beautiful beaches” comment! However, you have to admit that we have miles and miles of coastline! Hope you enjoy their photos! Check out my newly revised website. And please, I recommend you even “LIKE” some photos on facebook! OMG & No Way!

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Sweets for My Sweets. Julie and Michael’s Wedding.

To avoid redundancy in this post, I will refrain from mentioning how romantic and beautiful Julie and Michael’s wedding day was. You can decide for yourself as you look through these photos. I will mention however, that you have until the end of February to snap up a stellar deal with the “Sweets for My Sweets” special. This annual event will give you a generous 20% discount off any of your bookings with Aaron McGregor Photography. If you are not getting married or you don’t want a portrait of yourself, maybe you know someone that does. So please, do them a favor and share! Additionally, your pet doesn’t need a tan to look gorgeous! Contact me for more details at amcgregorphoto@gmail.com.


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