March for Parks!

My latest adventure found me documenting the March for Parks annual fundraiser at Cedar Creek Park. This non-profit group is dedicated to raising money for the construction of dog parks. There were several teams, volunteers and happy tails enjoying the festivities. They joyfully walked a mile and collectively raised over $1700.00! Check out some of the photos of this well-organized event. Hopefully, you may want to bring out your puppy for some fresh air and exercise at their next fundraiser! Even if you raise one dollar, your puppy will have a terrific time mingling with friends and bathing you in kisses! What could possibly be better than THAT?

AMC_8433AMC_8437 AMC_8445 AMC_8448 AMC_8458 AMC_8459 AMC_8466 AMC_8496 AMC_8503 AMC_8504 AMC_8520 AMC_8523 AMC_8527 AMC_8534 AMC_8547 AMC_8562 AMC_8570 AMC_8586 AMC_8600 AMC_8609 AMC_8614 AMC_8617 AMC_8632 AMC_8646  AMC_8665 AMC_8686AMC_8723AMC_8661 AMC_8724 AMC_8728 AMC_8739 AMC_8761 AMC_8785 AMC_8796 AMC_8808 AMC_8815 AMC_8825 AMC_8828 AMC_8842

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