Wedding Adjustments 2020

An amazing year of 2020 has just finished. Yep, that is not a typo and I am not delusional. A wedding that has been in the planning phase for 2 years will NOT be stopped… NOT now, NOT EVER! Fortunately, all of the crazy shifting of dates in 2020 to alternative dates has been relatively easy. I recommended Friday or Sundays & many brides were already thinking that move to avoid venue, DJ & photographer conflicts with other wedding clients. A reputable photographer will require a signed contract. This is absolutely crucial: it locks in the photographer to be present on your wedding day unless an act of God determines otherwise. As we begin a new year, my next blog posts will focus on an amazing 2020 filled with Love Stories & Amazing People. Today is NOT the day to quit living, NOT now, NOT EVER! Check out my site, for new updates!

No Matter How Small, It’s a Big Day

So we pick up where we left off in 2018 as intimacy rings true. Amanda & Eric exchanged rings at the Westmoreland County Courthouse. The guest list included the couple’s immediate family bringing the total count to about 12. This was a special moment when they needed a photographer for just a couple of hours. I was thrilled that they hired me to capture their Love Story in April 2019. Every Big Day, no matter how small, is a Big Day. Aaron McGregor Photography Wedding Bliss


No Bark, No Bite Santa. A Photo Essay of A Boy and his Dog.

Once again, we find ourselves celebrating the winter holidays. To commemorate this festive time, my wife, Heather, and I collaborated on our annual photo session of our two kids: Emmett, our biological child and Ruben, our big, hairy canine. Trying to top last year’s portrait proved to be frustrating to say the least. Emmett was a bit more cooperative last year since he was just transitioning into a toddler. However, his mobility this year coupled with his awareness of Santa Claus created an excitement that is comparable to, well, a child’s recognition of a visit from Santa! The following outtakes were some of the best of three separate photo sessions. Enjoy!

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March for Parks!

My latest adventure found me documenting the March for Parks annual fundraiser at Cedar Creek Park. This non-profit group is dedicated to raising money for the construction of dog parks. There were several teams, volunteers and happy tails enjoying the festivities. They joyfully walked a mile and collectively raised over $1700.00! Check out some of the photos of this well-organized event. Hopefully, you may want to bring out your puppy for some fresh air and exercise at their next fundraiser! Even if you raise one dollar, your puppy will have a terrific time mingling with friends and bathing you in kisses! What could possibly be better than THAT?

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