Christine and Mark’s November Wedding

Some people fear the idea of getting married during the winter months. This was not the case for Christine and Mark. Sure, it may have been a little brisk, but they were bathed by love and the warm sun. Their wedding had it all: gorgeous people, romantic settings, elegant details and even a puppy!

As mentioned in a previous post, 2013 was a very busy year. This is the first post in a series of weddings that we photographed. If you find yourself wanting more than what this collection can offer you, please visit I hope you enjoy!

AMC_4238 AMC_4287 AMC_4330 AMC_4343 AMC_4373 AMC_4416 AMC_4466

AMC_4500 AMC_4523 AMC_4527 Moments of Repose AMC_4782 AMC_4968 AMC_5008 AMC_5076

AMC_5104 AMC_5113 AMC_5114 AMC_5117 AMC_5207 AMC_5371 (2) AMC_5394 AMC_5402 AMC_5516

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