The Magical Cookie Snatchers

The Cookie SnatchersVery few things compare to the magic of Santa Claus. It is really beautiful to envision a miniature sleigh being pulled by a team of flying reindeer. Throw in a little moonlight off glistening snow for good measure and you are on your way to sheer fantasyland. Reading “The Night Before Christmas” by Clement Clarke Moore to my two-year old son has awakened some of those childhood memories. The poem weaves a wonderful tale composed of rich language and wonderful metaphors. All of the elements contribute to this classical piece and inspire us even today, 190 years after it was penned.  Of course, the “fantasyland” I am referring to is only a figure of speech for the purpose of this letter. Let it be known, and rest assured, that there are a ton of examples that Santa Claus does exist and is very real. Never doubt that!!!

In keeping with a classic tradition, my wife Heather and I brainstormed ideas for a Christmas photo of our son, Emmett and mastiff, Ruben. We knew we wanted to create a timeless image so we fused a little bit of Norman Rockwell with some Clement Clark Moore. The props and set design were drawn up and the scenario of a child eating a cookie beside his loving companion was conceived. Overhead lighting and a warm glowing tree in the background was a requisite for the illumination. Now we were ready to take a photo that required the collaboration between two of the most uncooperative and unpredictable subjects – a young toddler and a hungry dog.

Heather and I really wanted something reminiscent of an innocent, yet naughty little boy sneaking a bit of Santa’s cookies. We also thought that our obedient mastiff, Ruben would try to sniff the plate of cookies that were placed right in front of him. The scenario that was inside our minds never played out since Ruben actually went for the cookie that Emmett was eating! Happy accidents are one of the joys of photography. I have included a few of the images that were from this session and a few other  images from clients. I hope you and yours have a Very Magical Holiday.

AMC_4038web rubenweb AMC_4075webAMC_5768AMC_5631AMC_5682

3 thoughts on “The Magical Cookie Snatchers

  1. You are so talented! It’s unbelievable how you capture the perfect moment in your photos. If Norman Rockwell were still around, I bet he would use some of your sessions as the models for HIS paintings! Much luck to your in your career!


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