Being Loved in Return

There are few things in life more rewarding than volunteering for a non-profit at the local level. Pet Friends, Inc. in Irwin is about as local as it gets for me. They kennel their dogs at Carwen’s Grooming and Boarding where my wife and I attend obedience classes with our dogs. By taking photos of these adoptable pets, I get to meet the pets and help them find their forever homes within my local community.

labcoon-mix labmix2 labmix beagle JR2 AMC_1659For just a few moments, I get to hang out with a different dog and discover their personality. It is so awesome the moment when a dog meets someone for the first time. They will sniff you, eye you up, come in for a pet, sit at your feet and appear to love you all within five seconds. A dog does not understand the concept of judging a book by its cover, for dogs use all of their senses when greeting someone new and are not concerned with looks alone.  They love unconditionally. I have heard that shelter dogs make the best pets, for they know what isolation feels like and understand the concept of loyalty. All of these dogs at Pet Friends, Inc. would be great additions to anyone’s family. All of them are adorable, happy and in desperate need to love and be loved in return.

You can contact them at 724-863-7722 or find them on the web:

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