Big Heart, Great Smile

Several guarding breeds and bully breeds are unjustly targeted for breed specific legislation. My childhood nemesis was a Chihuahua. He would challenge my boyhood machismo with his falsetto growl and his black-eyed stare. I still tremble when I envision that row of shark teeth. This Chihuahua was never given any bad press, although I think he may have inspired the movie JAWS. I never believed that this little breed with a monster ego had to be banned from the city, county or even state. However, a knee-jerk reaction based on a stereotype can sometimes be detrimental to a breed as a whole. This is a disappointing trend to say the least, especially for a breed whose natural tendency is to smile.Cover-girl One local nonprofit founded by Allison Stetz and run by her dedicated volunteers strive to break the pit bull stereotype. “Biggies Bullies is devoted to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing pit bulls in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas as well as educating the public on responsible pet ownership and the importance of spaying and neutering their pets.” I was given the privilege to volunteer at a fundraising event and most recently, helping them with a photo session for a rescued dog that is up for adoption.

Allison stopped by the studio the other day with one of her foster puppies whose appearance is very striking and unique. She is a very sweet, fawn girl with golden-brown spots named Nici. The spots are most likely attributed to her Catahoula Leopard Dog pedigree. When introduced to a new dog, I never make the first move. I let them come to me on their terms. It didn’t take long for this sweetie to smile at me. Immediately upon kneeling down, I was bull rushed with a ton of kisses. History claims that these dogs were bred to be pitted against each other and their ancestors battled bulls for human entertainment. It is my belief that their stout frame with low center of gravity and huge mouth combined with an exuberance of life gives them an advantage when greeting you. These qualities make it possible for them to cover you in kisses while making it impossible for you to leave them again. Nici did not disappoint me in that category! She is a very affectionate girl who is need of a forever home. I have included her profile as well as a contact for Biggie Bullies just in case someone out there has enough heart to love her. And if you were wondering, YES – she has a terrific smile!!!watch

Name: NICI (Nee-See)
: Female
Breed: Pit Bull/Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix
Age: 3
38 lbs
Dogs: I like playing with calm male dogs, but I prefer to live alone
Cats: I do not like cats
Kids: I love kids over the age of 8, I can be too bouncy for young children who aren’t too sure on their feet yet

About Nici:

Are you looking for a dog who already knows the basics? Well that’s me! I know already know sit, down, paw and come! I walk very nicely on a leash and I love love going for doggie walks! I even know how to go for runs, someone who wants a running buddy would be a great owner for me. I’m also already house broken and crate trained! What more could you want?

I’m a fun sized little girl who loves cuddling up close to you, I will be your constant couch companion. I’ll listen to you, love you, make you smile, and be there whenever you need me! I’m a fantastic listener, so if you have a rough day at work you can tell me all about it! To know me is to love me!!

I need to be adopted as an only pet.

For more info:

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