Wedding in NHT!

Winter decided to release his cold grip on April 14th and I know he did it for Sarah and Seth! One would think that after capturing so many love stories of Big Days, I would get desensitized to them. But man, I almost cried five times at this one! The way they looked at each other and laughed together was for real. Both are from of very loving & supportive families so to get swept away was easy. Maybe my sentimentality is the result of being involved with the third wedding in this family that Chris and I captured. We feel like we are part of this big family now since Sarah’s cousins, Marie (married Ian) and Katherine (married Curtis) hired us in the past. We are honored and looking forward to capturing Sarah’s sister, Elizabeth who is marrying Ben, in June 2019! But before then, I’m looking forward to dropping by for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Grin! Congratulations and Best wishes Sarah & Seth! You guys are amazing! Please enjoy your wedding memories!

Sarah & Seth’s Big Day


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