What you say? Two BIG DAYS!

Best Wishes to Valerie and Corey. These two amazing musicians are professionals in the genre of bluegrass: Bluegrass/CopperWatchMusic. Valerie’s mom bought the highest bid for my photo services that I donated toward a local, non-profit, environmental organization (Jacob’s Creek Watershed Association). I was thrilled that she loved my work but was shocked when I heard of her daughter’s wedding date: OCT. 7th!!! Unfortunately, I was already booked! Fortunately, my business partner, Chris Lane was able to capture and edit their wedding! Corey and Valerie told me how pleased they were with Chris’ professionalism and creativity. They also expressed how happy they were to discover us in the last month before their wedding. I can only express how fortunate I am to be connected to such a wonderful network of clients, great photographers and non-profits. Donate & hire locally to support your community. Should you hire either me or Chris, you should expect a ton of beautiful images from your Big Day Memories. Hope you enjoy Valerie & Corey’s entire wedding day on my website: Aaron McGregor Photography

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