Need Adored? Rescue a Puppy!

In an effort to give back to my community of Norwin, I volunteer my photo services to Pet Friends of Irwin. They are a no kill shelter managed by an exceptional team of volunteers. This efficient group dedicates their time every day to help abandoned dogs and cats find forever homes. They called me last week when they had a “full house” of 8 dogs. By the time I was able to pay them a visit yesterday, they had picked up an additional 5 dogs! That “Full House” just doubled down into “Five of a Kind”. Check out these 13 dogs if you or someone you know is looking for a new furry companion. You will not only be helping the dogs and yourself, you will be helping our community. Aaron McGregor Photography

AMC_9957 AMC_9962 AMC_9967 AMC_9977 AMC_9993 AMC_0009 AMC_0012 AMC_0022 AMC_0031 AMC_0037 AMC_0041 AMC_0043 AMC_0050

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