Commercial Session in North Huntingdon


If you were to lose one sense, what would it be? I think I could probably do without my sense of smell, maybe. However, I would arm wrestle a chainsaw to keep my vision. My latest ventures took me to the eye doctor’s office in North Huntingdon, PA. There are two doctors working out of this office. Dr. Messner is the Optometrist and Dr. Missry is the Ophthalmologist. They invited me in to photograph their state of the art facilities and capture portraits of their team. I shadowed a patient and was even present when Dr. Missry gave her an eye exam. She was thrilled by the vast selection of hip glasses that were available to her. I highly recommend their professionalism and their services!

If your company needs to update your directories or needs dynamic images for your annual report, please contact me. I have the resources to travel to your location and take your team’s individual portraits, group portraits and meet any special requests you may have including coverage of product launches/expansions, company picnics, and other special events. Upon hiring me, you should expect to receive all the perks of a professional Pittsburgh photographer at a reasonable, community-friendly price.

AMC_9874AMC_9924 AMC_9937 AMC_9908 AMC_9900AMC_9888 AMC_9867AMC_9766  AMC_9783 AMC_9755AMC_9792AMC_9798  AMC_9812 AMC_9836 AMC_9846 AMC_9859AMC_9710 AMC_9691AMC_9962 AMC_9950AMC_9726

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