Homeless, but not Down and Out

Look into their eyes and you will see stories of joy, love, compassion, respect, gratitude and unfortunately, heartache. They speak not a word, but if they did, they would have no complaints. This is one of the many great characteristics of a dog. No matter how much these puppies feel abandoned, neglected, heart broken or depressed, they keep positive and are willing to adore their next families. After all, these eight puppies just want to be loved, unconditionally. If you or anyone you know is looking for a canine or feline, please contact Pet Friends in Irwin or call them at 724-863-7722. You can also see these wonderful puppies in person at Burton’s Total Pet in North Huntingdon on Saturday, April 27th! In addition, Pet Friends has a great staff of dedicated volunteers. Perhaps you may like to join them?


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