Celebrating 15 Years in Norwin!

In 1995, I was fresh out of college with a BFA from the University of Arizona’s photography program. We settled in the Norwin area in 2000 after my wife, Heather (N.H.S. Grad of 1991) and I got married. Imagine my surprise and astonishment when it took me 14 years to book my first NHT wedding! I once photographed a wedding at the Immaculate Conception Church and several receptions at Stratigos, the Barn and Pluma, but I never had a wedding client that lived in NHT. Over the course of 14 years, I captured tons of weddings in Armstrong County where I was raised and in every direction from NHT. Gabby asked on Facebook, as everyone does on All About the Norwin Area, about a wedding photographer. A few people recommended me along with a list of 50 others (I am sure you have seen those non-stop referral comment lists – overwhelming to be sure). She and Matt had a lovely ceremony at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Jeannette. We stopped at White Oak Park for a few quick formals and continued onto Stratigos for a wonderful reception. My business partner, Chris and I even stayed an additional hour without charging the couple since that hour was usually travel time. Please contact me and ask about my 20th Anniversary Specials at Aaron McGregor Photography. Thank you!


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The Atrium Wedding

Azure skies and sun kissed bouquets embraced Christina and Mike on their wedding day. Christina and her girls got ready at the church while the guys showed up all decked out in their tuxes. I was told a few years ago that Pittsburgh based transportation company, Molly’s Trolleys was out of business. So I was thrilled to see their trolley pull into the church parking lot. After the ceremony, we were able to grab some formal portraits in the gardens of The Atrium in Prospect, PA. After the formals, we were all treated to a wonderful and romantic evening. I typically don’t post this many images to this blog but hope you enjoy these images that Melissa and I captured regardless of quantity. Cheers! Aaron McGregor Photography

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Destination Wedding: Pittsburgh!!!

I may be biased, but I think Pittsburgh, PA is one of the best places for a destination wedding! We have several beautiful beaches, glistening water, sunny days, grand city vistas, ample lodging, great restaurants, wonderful cultural performances, excellent museums, the best medical facilities along with a hoppin’ night scene with deep historic ties. Maria and Amin met in college here and decided that the Sheraton Station Square was going to be the place to have everything. Their guests could stay at the hotel, witness their marriage in the courtyard with city-line views, celebrate at the reception and then take the elevator up to their rooms. Everyone would have enough energy to take in the cultural experiences of this former steel town that is gracefully dancing through a renaissance. You got to admit, if your from this area you a very proud to call this place “home”. And you probably questioned the “beautiful beaches” comment! However, you have to admit that we have miles and miles of coastline! Hope you enjoy their photos! Check out my newly revised website. And please, I recommend you even “LIKE” some photos on facebook! OMG & No Way!

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Wedding Details Revealed

A wedding day can zip past you faster than a bumblebee focused on a pink cosmos. Some may have a fear of bees, which results in crouching, covering and screaming at elevated decibels in sheer horror. Others may admire the little black and yellow beauty and the colorful spectrum that dances through its wings. When it comes to weddings, which type are you? The time it takes to plan a wedding is usually nestled around 12 to 18 months. Some couples know exactly how they want their wedding to look down to the detail. When you consider the act of planning those tiny details, it reveals a massive investment of thought, time, money and sometimes negotiation! The details not only create a theme to make things look pretty, but they reveal the couple’s nature. As the big day quickly approaches everyone understands their job duties, including Aunt Betty who knows to bring five dozen of her famous Black Bottom cookies, three dozen Coconut Date Macaroons and four dozen Baklava. In honor of the bride and groom, it is our responsibility as their guests to shower them with love and gifts, enjoy ALL of their cookies and watch the color spectrum dance through their wings. – Craving more details? Check out http://amcgregorphotography.photoshelter.com/gallery/Details/G0000XS5RJfEInMc/C0000gm.GBQkTRXk

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Dancing on Clouds

Dancing on Clouds

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