The Atrium Wedding

Azure skies and sun kissed bouquets embraced Christina and Mike on their wedding day. Christina and her girls got ready at the church while the guys showed up all decked out in their tuxes. I was told a few years ago that Pittsburgh based transportation company, Molly’s Trolleys was out of business. So I was thrilled to see their trolley pull into the church parking lot. After the ceremony, we were able to grab some formal portraits in the gardens of The Atrium in Prospect, PA. After the formals, we were all treated to a wonderful and romantic evening. I typically don’t post this many images to this blog but hope you enjoy these images that Melissa and I captured regardless of quantity. Cheers! Aaron McGregor Photography

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Photo Blog Kickoff: Getting Pretty!

Getting pretty (or should I say prettier) is my first blog to kick off the 2015 season. I chose Erin and Matt’s wedding held in May of 2014 because they look fantastic together. The reason why I decided to focus upon “getting pretty” is because I love the time before the ceremony. I have been capturing wedding memories for 19 years and still enjoy feeling the heightened levels of excitement that are present at the bride’s house or hotel room. The prepping, primping and fussing about making a beautiful girl even more beautiful blows my mind. I love capturing these moments and love getting the groom’s expression as She enters the church and walks down the nave. In addition to these moments, I have thrown in the first dance as well. Check out how the little flower girl is spinning like the bride. You gotta love those moments as well. Until next time, follow me here!

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Liz & John’s August Wedding

It may be frosty, okay downright freezing today in the Pittsburgh area, but Liz and John’s wedding occurred in late August. The weather that day was just like this couple – gorgeous and beautiful! We were greeted by an extremely happy, Liz whose smile was contagious. Everyone was brimming with excitement as hints of lavender, purple and white danced to a synchronized ballet. It was difficult for me to narrow down some of the best images from Liz and John’s wedding, but I hope you can be satisfied with just a sample of this gorgeous couple.

If you are getting married or know of anyone that is, please confide in us to capture all of your wedding memories. I always run specials during the month of February where you can save 20% off your wedding, portrait and pet portrait bookings. I refer to this as the “Sweetheart Special” because I believe that everyone should celebrate life and dance the cosmos! I hope you enjoy!

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