Hanna and David’s May Wedding

As we anticipate the arrival of Spring to finally set upon us, I hope you can feel the warmth of Hanna and David’s wedding that took place last May. We were fortunate to capture a few memories from the vistas of Mt. Washington in between the ceremony and reception. We are also looking forward to the best man’s wedding this August, but you may have to wait a year before you get to see that beautiful wedding! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this gorgeous couple!



Sweets for My Sweets. Julie and Michael’s Wedding.

To avoid redundancy in this post, I will refrain from mentioning how romantic and beautiful Julie and Michael’s wedding day was. You can decide for yourself as you look through these photos. I will mention however, that you have until the end of February to snap up a stellar deal with the “Sweets for My Sweets” special. This annual event will give you a generous 20% discount off any of your bookings with Aaron McGregor Photography. If you are not getting married or you don’t want a portrait of yourself, maybe you know someone that does. So please, do them a favor and share! Additionally, your pet doesn’t need a tan to look gorgeous! Contact me for more details at amcgregorphoto@gmail.com.


AMC_9390 AMC_9444 AMC_9505 AMC_9620  AMC_9719AMC_9681AMC_9735Julie and Michael's Wedding AMC_9763 AMC_9807 AMC_9815AMC_0388 AMC_0397 AMC_0421 AMC_0494 AMC_0509 AMC_0515 AMC_0519 AMC_0599 AMC_0619 AMC_0652 AMC_0720 AMC_0759 AMC_0772 AMC_0841 AMC_0863 AMC_1279

Liz & John’s August Wedding

It may be frosty, okay downright freezing today in the Pittsburgh area, but Liz and John’s wedding occurred in late August. The weather that day was just like this couple – gorgeous and beautiful! We were greeted by an extremely happy, Liz whose smile was contagious. Everyone was brimming with excitement as hints of lavender, purple and white danced to a synchronized ballet. It was difficult for me to narrow down some of the best images from Liz and John’s wedding, but I hope you can be satisfied with just a sample of this gorgeous couple.

If you are getting married or know of anyone that is, please confide in us to capture all of your wedding memories. I always run specials during the month of February where you can save 20% off your wedding, portrait and pet portrait bookings. I refer to this as the “Sweetheart Special” because I believe that everyone should celebrate life and dance the cosmos! I hope you enjoy! http://www.amcgregorphotography.com

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Candace & Andrew’s September Wedding Day

This smokin’ couple enjoyed the benefits of having a late September wedding. It wasn’t a scorching afternoon nor was it frigid. That wonderful Southern sun appeared to embrace everything in gold. The roses were at their crowning glories and upheld that prestige with sweet fragrances. This golden sun danced on Candace’s shoulders and tiara while Andy was completely chillin’.

There wasn’t any crazy pandemonium before the ceremony, no one was nervous and no one fainted. These two were completely committed to spending eternity together. It is such an amazing experience to witness all of these feelings of joy, love and good vibes.

So without further ado, it gives me such great pleasure to announce, “Candace and Andrew’s Wedding Day”.



  the_gown1  the_earringprepping_bride getting_ready in_mirrorbridesmaids the_bling toast toast_detailsto_the_chapel rose bride_fatherfirst_kiss formal_groom formal_outside_church the_bridethe_groom sun_kisses formal_embracethe_guys the_girls big_dipper reception_guys reception_girls reception_entrancefirst_dance his_ring the_toss cookies piece_of_cake