Need Adored? Rescue a Puppy!

In an effort to give back to my community of Norwin, I volunteer my photo services to Pet Friends of Irwin. They are a no kill shelter managed by an exceptional team of volunteers. This efficient group dedicates their time every day to help abandoned dogs and cats find forever homes. They called me last week when they had a “full house” of 8 dogs. By the time I was able to pay them a visit yesterday, they had picked up an additional 5 dogs! That “Full House” just doubled down into “Five of a Kind”. Check out these 13 dogs if you or someone you know is looking for a new furry companion. You will not only be helping the dogs and yourself, you will be helping our community. Aaron McGregor Photography

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Wedding Details Revealed

A wedding day can zip past you faster than a bumblebee focused on a pink cosmos. Some may have a fear of bees, which results in crouching, covering and screaming at elevated decibels in sheer horror. Others may admire the little black and yellow beauty and the colorful spectrum that dances through its wings. When it comes to weddings, which type are you? The time it takes to plan a wedding is usually nestled around 12 to 18 months. Some couples know exactly how they want their wedding to look down to the detail. When you consider the act of planning those tiny details, it reveals a massive investment of thought, time, money and sometimes negotiation! The details not only create a theme to make things look pretty, but they reveal the couple’s nature. As the big day quickly approaches everyone understands their job duties, including Aunt Betty who knows to bring five dozen of her famous Black Bottom cookies, three dozen Coconut Date Macaroons and four dozen Baklava. In honor of the bride and groom, it is our responsibility as their guests to shower them with love and gifts, enjoy ALL of their cookies and watch the color spectrum dance through their wings. – Craving more details? Check out

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Dancing on Clouds

Dancing on Clouds

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Cool Cash for the Dog Days of Summer!

It is that time of year again for the “Dog Days of Summer” (even though we are experiencing cool weather)! In my efforts to support local animal shelters and non-profit groups, all photography sessions booked in August will result in you getting an original artwork AND I will donate 20% of the proceeds in your honor to your preferred non-profit. To ensure your donation, you only have to book and make a deposit in August! Imagine this scenario: you book your wedding at $1550.00. That results in a $310.00 donation to your favorite non-profit! This generous donation is that easy.

If you’ve already made all the donations you can afford this year and you don’t need any photography, please help by sharing this blog with others. This has the potential to really have an impact!

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.Mahatma Gandhi

Please contact me at or at Aaron McGregor Photography

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Commercial Session in North Huntingdon


If you were to lose one sense, what would it be? I think I could probably do without my sense of smell, maybe. However, I would arm wrestle a chainsaw to keep my vision. My latest ventures took me to the eye doctor’s office in North Huntingdon, PA. There are two doctors working out of this office. Dr. Messner is the Optometrist and Dr. Missry is the Ophthalmologist. They invited me in to photograph their state of the art facilities and capture portraits of their team. I shadowed a patient and was even present when Dr. Missry gave her an eye exam. She was thrilled by the vast selection of hip glasses that were available to her. I highly recommend their professionalism and their services!

If your company needs to update your directories or needs dynamic images for your annual report, please contact me. I have the resources to travel to your location and take your team’s individual portraits, group portraits and meet any special requests you may have including coverage of product launches/expansions, company picnics, and other special events. Upon hiring me, you should expect to receive all the perks of a professional Pittsburgh photographer at a reasonable, community-friendly price.

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Redefining “Creative Business”

Nothing motivates one like the idleness that results from a layoff. As a former Department Head of Photography, Director of Education and Instructor, this multitasking position kept me highly busy and motivated. All of my energies were focused on providing exceptional learning experiences for my students. I encouraged my students to embrace an acute determination and entrepreneurial spirit because the photography industry is saturated, if not over-saturated, with shooters. Currently, I find myself adhering to my own advice. I recently developed a marketing plan dedicated to the corporate sector that encompasses headshots and commercial endeavors. As a small business owner in the photography field, running a business is all about developing and implementing a business plan, marketing, selling, building client relations and making them satisfied. The actual photography encompasses about 5-10%, and that includes post-production editing. One has to be able to develop a business plan above all else, and channel your creative energies into adopting new business strategies. However challenging that this may appear, it is my determination to make “creative” and “business” the best of friends.

Here are some corporate headshots and a couple team pictures that resulted in redefining my business plan. These photos were taken at the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, PA. Please contact me should you like to update your profile picture, and forward this information to your marketing department! Thank you for your time!

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