Senior Portrait Listening Lessons

I am honored to capture any kind of milestone but capturing a senior portrait ranks among the most memorable. The student is in the midst of being confronted with one of the biggest transitions as an emerging adult. The biggest tip that I can offer any photographer is to get to know the student. Don’t just ask questions while hiding behind your camera but talk to them and more importantly, LISTEN. This is an exciting time for them and they have a ton to say. I embrace these moments before I take the first picture and I am certain they do too! Aaron McGregor Photography

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Cool Cash for the Dog Days of Summer!

It is that time of year again for the “Dog Days of Summer” (even though we are experiencing cool weather)! In my efforts to support local animal shelters and non-profit groups, all photography sessions booked in August will result in you getting an original artwork AND I will donate 20% of the proceeds in your honor to your preferred non-profit. To ensure your donation, you only have to book and make a deposit in August! Imagine this scenario: you book your wedding at $1550.00. That results in a $310.00 donation to your favorite non-profit! This generous donation is that easy.

If you’ve already made all the donations you can afford this year and you don’t need any photography, please help by sharing this blog with others. This has the potential to really have an impact!

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.Mahatma Gandhi

Please contact me at or at Aaron McGregor Photography

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Senior Portraits & Cyber Marketing


How do people do it? In this 24/7 world where sleep never rests, we are expected to produce at maximum capacity AND write a weekly blog? When I entertained the idea of writing a blog, I thought that it was going to be a piece of cake. All the reasons to “drive more traffic to your site, get a better SEO ranking, people will love hearing about photo sessions and techniques, etc. etc. etc.” Well it has been 8 long months since that first blog, and I have produced only a handful. Yay me. This brings me back to my opening question, “How do people do it?” It is difficult for me to maintain a prolific blog in the height of summer and into autumn. So please excuse the timing of this blog, since Tessa’s portrait session occurred FIVE MONTHS AGO!!!

Tessa called me after searching the internet for a photographer to take her senior portraits. She requested to have her portraits taken at Cedar Creek Park along the scenic Youghiogheny River. In keeping true to pleasing clients, my prices are very reasonable and competitive for professional photography: they can change into as many outfits as they bring and two 8x10s & two accordion-book keepsakes are included with every portrait session. This fee also covers travel, editing, online proofing, mailing out reprints, etc. A photo session typically lasts an hour.

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Tessa had a great time. She was completely into the photo session and the environment truly expressed her love for nature. She brought a change of clothes and the session lasted a little over an hour. There are many things that have changed since I first started my business. Pleasing clients, taking photos and marketing yourself were the main priorities. I loved getting new clients based on referrals from past clients the same as I love getting those referrals now. It is the best compliment anyone can receive. However, the marketing landscape has changed with the explosion of the internet and search directories. It is almost incomprehensible what a small business owner must do to keep afloat. As of today, I have zero reviews of my business on Angie’s List, Yahoo, Google or the fifty thousand other search directories. Who has time to create an account, sign in and write reviews in this 24/7 world? I don’t blame people for not writing reviews. Honestly, I have never written a review, and I have received excellent service as well as horrible service in the past. To stay on track with marketing Aaron McGregor Photography in this cyber world, I will be posting more blogs over the winter about photo shoots that occurred in the summer and fall! I am sure you are chomping at the bit to see more blogs about weddings, portraits and pet sessions. I know I will be writing them over the next 24/7s!!!