A Perfect Love Story

2020 may have been a challenging year but nothing can stop a Love Story. Weddings last year were intimate, romantic & typically held outdoors. Many scheduled dates were moved around or venues changed. Molly, Nathan & their little puppy Trigger adjusted their planned big wedding to one that included their immediate family. It turned out to be absolutely perfect. Chris & I know this family really well. We were there to capture Sara & David’s Big Day too (Molly’s sister)! Stay tuned to see their youngest sister, Delaney marry Peyton! Are you desperately wanting more romance? Check out my site: Aaron McGregor Photography

Wedding Adjustments 2020

An amazing year of 2020 has just finished. Yep, that is not a typo and I am not delusional. A wedding that has been in the planning phase for 2 years will NOT be stopped… NOT now, NOT EVER! Fortunately, all of the crazy shifting of dates in 2020 to alternative dates has been relatively easy. I recommended Friday or Sundays & many brides were already thinking that move to avoid venue, DJ & photographer conflicts with other wedding clients. A reputable photographer will require a signed contract. This is absolutely crucial: it locks in the photographer to be present on your wedding day unless an act of God determines otherwise. As we begin a new year, my next blog posts will focus on an amazing 2020 filled with Love Stories & Amazing People. Today is NOT the day to quit living, NOT now, NOT EVER! Check out my site, for new updates! www.amcgregorphotography.com

Kitty Christmas in Quarantine and Their Wedding

A century ago on August 23, 2019, Susan & Eric celebrated a chapter of their Love Story. They had their wedding at the gorgeous St. Mary on the Mount in Pittsburgh. Their reception was at PNC Park to catch a Pirates game. That love filled day segues nicely into Kitty Christmas Quarantine. I was absolutely over the moon about taking their Christmas portraits for them and including their cat, Chicken. Chicken was rescued from an apartment complex 16 years ago and is estimated to be 18 years old! That is a wonderful, long life for a rescue kitty and proof that all you really need, is love. Stay safe and Happy Holidays!

Terah & William’s Wedding

Let’s face it, perfect vision should be 2019 instead of 2020. I guess it was hindsight that I waited a full year to post this wedding! Even though I am already back into the swing of capturing Love Stories, family & senior portraits, I like to “age” a great wedding. Congratulations to Terah & William on their wedding and they just recently announced the arrival of a new baby! These two lovers were so much fun and Chris and I were honored, as always! Aaron McGregor Photography


Senior Portraits

Let’s start by saying that no one is a model unless you’re a model. However, Dillon nailed the “modelness” on location at his camp in the Laurel Highlands. This GeibelSenior is now enrolled in Slippery Rock University and equipped with his intelligence, I am sure he has a very bright future. His parents chose these images for enlargements, canvas prints and even a metal print. They all turned out awesome. Please contact me for your affordable senior portrait session and always check out my website for new photos of amazing people! Amazing Portraits by Aaron McGregor